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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aston Martin DB9 or Jaguar XK

I know what’s in every one’s mind. Just like me, you are all wondering which car to buy – the Jaguar XK or the Aston Martin DB9 :). I’ve been inundated by emails asking me to suggest which one to get! So here is my blog comparing the two.

Well – here is a basic summary of the two cars.

The DB9 has the same engine as Vanquish (from Die Another Day – Vanish). The XK (’06) has the same engine as (’05) which is not really a bad thing – but suggests poor progress. Either way – the XK engine is a good one – not too far behind the DB9.

The DB9 transmission is probably the best transmission money can buy. If you ask me, its better than the Pagani Zonda’s transmission. The Jaguar has a very good transmission too – I don’t want to make it look bad. Its just very hard to beat DB9 in that aspect. Both are 7 speed steptronic/triptonic gear box.

Now – here is a photo of each of them.

Yes – they do look strikingly similar. Because they both were designed by the same person.

Incase you didn’t know this – I am sorry to break this to you. Aston Martin and Jaguar are owned by Ford Motor Company. So what Ford has done (not surprisingly) is design the two cars together – share some concepts, some ideas and even some fixtures. What do I mean by sharing?

So I took the above 2 photos and imported them in Matlab. Then I merged them with the image toolbox and created this photo.

You see the body (shape) is almost identical. The only differences I can see are the wheels, the light fixtures, engine side intake (behind front wheel) and the tail wing/tail light. Well there is some difference in the window and the seat – but that’s not a big deal.

But wait – it doesn’t end there – here are pictures of the interiors

Well – once again – you can see a lot of similarities. The instrument panel ; the steering wheel (minus the symbol on it) etc. No complaints here – I am not criticizing it – I am just showing how close they look.

Do you want to know something else? Well, the other company that Ford owns in Europe is Volvo. So what has happened here is they have put a lot of fixtures from Volvo. Once again, I am not particularly complaining as the interiors look very very good – but I am a bit offended that you can buy a much cheaper Volvo and get the same good Jaguar Interior looks. Here is a Volvo S80 interior photo – make your own judgment (especially keeping you eyes on the instrument panel).

Jaguar price are from its website. Aston Martin price is from other sites – not perfect.

Aston Martin DB9 170,000 $ in the US; and in the UK - 110,000 pounds (205,000 $)
Jaguar XK 80,000 $ in the US and in the UK - 60,000 pounds (112,000 $)

Don’t currency convert – I did it there just for the sake of it. I mean by converting – it will not make much sense. What you can see though, is that, the price difference between the 2 cars is about 50,000 pounds in the UK and 100,000$ in the US.
I think – definitely, that the Jaguar XK is a better buy than the Aston. (Deepak should be a bit happy – he was a Jaguar owner). Let me explain – the Jag is more Car/Dollar than the Aston is unfortunately. I know - when you own an Aston (especially in the USA), you are probably the only person in a huge radius to own one. That’s not the case with Jaguars – you are never to far from one. More over, the Jags some time tend to attract older “wanna-be-cool-but-too-old” people. But this XK is clearly different. I mean they even removed the trademark Jaguar marque/statue in the front. JD Power rating put Jaguar in Top 5 car manufacturer(results announced yesterday – will blog about that too). So basically, Jaguar is a very good company.

Let me put it this way, to own something this close to the DB9 for 100,000 $-off, is a jackpot. I mean the Aston is better in almost every technical aspect, but I don’t think it is worth the extra 100,000 $. So people, when you do buy one (either one), do give me a call.

(Phoro Credits : Aston Martin , Jaguar and Volvo website)


Blogger Neil said...

Great post, man. Just a couple of corrections, which are really very trivial.

First, the Jag XK you are discussing is a 2007 model, not 2006. So when you say that its engine is unchanged from 2005, you mean that it is unchanged from 2006. But the essence of what you say is spot-on correct: the XK engine has not evolved that much since really the 1997 XK8 (which I happily drive.)

Second, the statue you mention has not been on the hood of a Jaguar XK for years. I mean, the current XK's predecessor, the XK8, came out in 1996 (as a 1997 model). It did not have, and never has had, the "leaper" statue. Rather, it has the "growler" logo on its hood. I don't recall whether the earlier XK's, such as the XKE or XK120, had "leapers" or not. I don't think they did. So in that respect, the 2007 XK is not any different from the 1997 to 2006 XKs.

Again, lovely article. I agree with your conlusions. Although, have you ever seen a DB9 in person? Man, that's a hot momma. Really too much. The Jags have somewhat understated elegance. The Astons are just too bloody cool. Like a Great White Shark.

Cheers, Neil

4:48 PM  
Blogger BATMAN^V^EXILED said...

I find myself extremely unqualified for a topic like this. Hence I shall refrain from commenting. This comment is to just let u know I read ur post :P.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Kaushik said...

Thanks for the comments. Its good to hear from a XK(8) owner first hand. Well thats right - I realized those mistakes. I knew what you said, I just didn't word them correctly.
No - I've never been in a (or close to a) DB9 or in an XK for that matter. (Bummer!). Its hard to get to see Aston Martin's in America. I've seen DB7s and even the Vanquish in UK.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet dude.. loved ure blog.. where'd u get all this stuff man?? really appreciate ure interest in cars..

6:01 PM  
Blogger SaM said...

sweet dude.. loved ure blog.. where'd u get all this stuff man?? really appreciate ure interest in cars..

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Willie said...

kool blog, its the car/dollar tht matters to majority of the consumers. I shall be waiting for ur JD power blog...

6:55 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I own a 2007 XK and I'm a little confused by your statement that the leaper has been removed. Mine is there! It is touchy subject now also since somehow the cable broke and the dealership wants $493 to replace it. That should be under warranty!
I love the way the car drives and sounds and it is very comfortable but the car still has little things going wrong with it allll of the time. Last one I'll buy if I ever get rid of it. :)

10:20 PM  
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